The HuFLO2 is a high flow nasal oxygen delivery device with a humidifier and flow controller that delivers warmed and humidified respiratory gases to the patient with a flow rate from 5 LPM to 70 LPM. The gas delivered is composed of oxygen.

Intended Use

The HuFLO2 is intended to deliver warmed and humidified respiratory gases to spontaneously breathing patients with a flow rate from 5 LPM to 70 LPM and is capable of providing high flow therapy. The device can be used in the emergency room, operating room, anesthesia, outpatient department, Intensive care unit, inpatient department, and other diagnostic and treatment rooms. This device can also be used for home care.

Product Features

Dual Temperature Control: This device allows the operator to set flow of oxygen from 8-70 LPM and is equipped with two highly sensitive temperature sensors to monitor unit & patient end temperature. The device also has a number of temperature protection settings to ensure patient safety.

Flow Rate Control:This device allows the operator to set the flow rate from 8LPM to 70LPM. The device monitors the flow rate with a built-in highly sensitive flow rate sensor.

Display and Control Interface: The device is equipped with a LCD display monitor and control flow knob to make the device easier to control, and to provide clear display of functions and data.

Alarms:The device has an auditory alarm function to alert patient or end user when an alarm condition occurs. The auditory alarm is accompanied by information displayed on the LCD display.

More Features

  • Digital Display of Actual output Flow & Temperature
  • User Adjustable Linear Flow up to 70 LPM
  • 37°C controlled output of flow
  • High Humidity output
  • Fast and Accurate Dual stage Temperature control